Why do donors stop giving?

Back in 2009, Bluefrog undertook a huge qualitative research exercise to identify and highlight the reasons why donors stop giving to charities. The paper we published at the time is as relevant today as it was then. So I thought it might be useful if we made it publicly available again. It's called The Fundraiser's…

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Who will the Fundraising Preference Service protect and who will actually use it?

Of all the recommendations in the Etherington report, it’s the Fundraising Preference Service that has generated the most concern. The whole idea of a reset button that can shift people into a world where charities can’t communicate with them is pretty frightening. Adrian Sargent summed up much of the sentiment in the sector where he…

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The fundraising paradox

Keep your communications in the purple zone and you won’t go far wrong.  

Give the hat back!

Following my last post, I've had a few discussions with fundraisers about professionalism and what it actually means. As a result, I thought it might be of interest to expand a little on my thinking. As I understand it, professionalism is undertaking a task with skill and good judgement. But in fundraising, I don’t think…

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How to resolve the fundraising crisis for less than £200

One of my biggest frustrations is that in the drive to "professionalise" our sector, the need to actually learn about fundraising is often ignored. Instead of focusing on what donors need from charities, too many fundraisers have adopted expensive and wholly unnecessary corporate style re-brands or leapt in to new technology without even thinking if…

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It’s time to listen to the Hamster of Fundraising Wisdom

When I was child, we lived in a flat (that's an apartment or condo for my north American readers). Like any small boy, I wanted a pet. I'd have liked a dog or a cat, but the architectural restrictions we lived under meant this was impossible. So instead I got a hamster. I called him…

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For your fundraising office

Times are tough for fundraisers. Faced with the highly critical climate we are currently living through, it can be all too easy to forget that our profession is responsible for some of the most important work undertaken anywhere in the world today. Fundraisers don't just raise money. Fundraisers raise money for a purpose. Fundraisers raise…

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What’s wrong with fundraising?

When the IOF were looking for speakers for this year's convention, I suggested that I’d like to talk about what I saw was wrong with fundraising. I didn’t realise just how prescient my proposal would be. I don’t blog that much these days, but when I do, it’s normally to highlight a concern. And one…

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The Ghosts of Christmas Past are a Fundraiser’s Best Friends

Christmas is the time when fundraisers get excited about the sound of a man or woman trudging through the snow struggling under the weight of a sack full of gifts. Only for us, it’s the post delivery that gets our hearts beating a little faster. Not the thought of Santa Claus. That’s because Christmas is…

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Facebook is the future. No it isn’t. Yes it is. No it isn’t!

On Monday, I shared some thoughts on social media, with a particular focus on Facebook and Twitter. My central point was that there are better routes to leverage the power of our social instinct than these two behemoths of the internet.

 Beate Sorum, of the digital fundraising consultancy – b.bold – disagreed with me. As…

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