The 2014 fundraising decision making flow chart

At the heart of any fundraising programme lies a plan. That plan identifies an audience, details what they will receive, through what communication channels, timings and what actions the recipients will hopefully take. They can be hefty documents akin to a telephone directory or something a little more accessible. The Children's Society for example, has…

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What happens when Stephen Fry actually does mention you in a tweet?

Sit in any discussion about how a charity can promote a campaign on social media and it won't be long before someone suggests asking Stephen Fry to tweet about it. Being very kind, intelligent and rather lovely, he is known to tweet on behalf of a wide range of non-profit organisations. And with over 6.5…

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Sex sells, but can it help raise money?

Friendly advice for some of my more sensitive readers – the following contains adult themes and language. Last summer, we were sitting on the roof of Bluefrog towers brainstorming ideas for a new digital product for a pitch for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. For those who haven’t heard of them, The Alliance is a group…

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Everything you need to know about fundraising in one photo

Yes, I know need is important, but there aren't many causes that lack need. What matters is how your donors feel. Make them feel special and you'll succeed.

This is not fundraising

Over the last fifteen years or so, we've seen a fundamental change in how we raise money. For most of the twentieth century, fundraising was about engagement. It was about recruiting new donors, nurturing them, getting a second gift, then a third and then moving them to regular giving (which we used to call committed…

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Plus ça change

Hundreds of old charity ads going back to the mid 19th century can be found here. Take a look.

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Back in 2011, former Pixar artist, Emma Coats tweeted a series of rules for great storytelling that she’d picked up from her colleagues. Dinolgnacio has now painstakingly superimposed all 22 over images from Pixar’s films as a means to remember them. They aren’t all directly related to fundraising, but they make an important point – …

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There are three types of supporter

CAF have just released a new report that segments the UK population according to their attitude to charity. They have identified three key groups – The Civic Core, The Middle Ground and Zero Givers. The Civic Core, volunteer the most, donate most goods to shops, campaign the most, are most likely to help out in…

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Why you need to entertain (and stuff like that)

Here's a great video produced for Red Nose Day in New Zealand. There is no real reason to share it other than it features Flight of the Conchords and, as a result, is rather amusing. But perhaps that should be reason enough. Outrage or pity can generate huge sums of money. But when it comes…

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This is not a strategy

 Nor is this… Great fundraising isn't about reducing the amount you ask for until it means so little to the donor that they simply don't care about handing it over. Nor is it about asking again until the donor feels uncomfortable saying no. It's about engagement. It's about finding a point of connection that…

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