Pay what you choose

It seems the downturn in the amount of goods being donated to charity shops is continuing. David Moir, head of policy at the Association of Charity Shops, is reported in The Guardian as saying:

How do donors differentiate between charities?

Donors often struggle to describe what makes one charity different from another. I've seen people in research groups trying to prise child welfare organisations apart by talking about levels of "seriousness" or average age of beneficiaries. I've seen healthcare charities being discussed in terms of bedside manner. I've even seen charities working with homeless youngsters being compared…

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Test results: Recession based copy reduces appeal income

I blogged about the effects of directly talking about the credit crunch in appeal copy in early December. I’m now able to share details about the test. It was undertaken with The Prostate Cancer Charity as part of their Christmas appeal. We mailed two packs that were virtually identical. We featured the same copy, same projects and made the…

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Goodbye George

His top ten moments

The lure of celebrity

After sharing a few thoughts on the impact celebrities can have on appeals on Conor's fundraising blog, I've spent some time thinking about the recently announced NCVO celebrity-laden campaign aimed at encouraging people to donate £2 a month (or possibly volunteer a few hours). You can see Adam Rothwell's (Intelligent Giving) views here and Tania…

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What interests your donors?

Do you know what really interests your donors?  How about this list? Do your donors care about any of these issues? How efficient you are. How green you are. How thrifty you are. How you monitor the effect of appeals and campaigns, whether TV ads or newspaper inserts, or radio appeals.  What criteria you use…

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The trouble with The Guardian

Polly Toynbee in The Guardian on Saturday painted a grim picture of the current state of philanthropy. Read her article and you could be forgiven for pulling the duvet over your head and hibernating until spring 2010.  There's Tom Hunter changing his mind about giving away a billion, 52% of people expecting to cut back…

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Donors have needs too

There's a polyhedron that is almost as important to fundraisers as the pyramids were to the ancient Egyptians. You'll see it time and time again in books on fundraising and projected on giant screens at conferences. It was proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943 in his paper, A Theory of Human Motivation, and is known…

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A new resource

There are a fair few blogs around with a focus on fundraising and a big chunk of other ones  that look at management issues. But I haven't seen too many that look at management from a charity perspective. We work in a very special industry. One where people are treated like people rather than staff members who are simply cogs…

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What will elite givers do in the downturn?

The Independent has recently published a list of Britain’s 30 leading philanthropists*. Headed up by Sir Tom Hunter (who made much of his fortune from his sports shops, Sports Division, which he sold to JJB Sports in the 1990’s) with an estimated wealth of over £1 billion, the list includes a whole host of well…

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