The Royal Bank of Scotland has just announced the largest annual loss in UK corporate history – 24.1 billion pounds.

That's £24,100,000,000.

That's $34,200,000,000.

That's one brand new classroom for every 80 children living in sub-saharan Africa.

That's enough to give clean, safe drinking water to every person living in sub-saharan Africa for the next 40 years.

That's enough to give every child living in poverty in the UK, £23 a week for a year.

That's seven times more than all the donations received in 2007 by the top 500 UK fundraising charities.

That's enough to build 28 'super' hospitals the size of the proposed Southern hospital in Glasgow.

That's enough to increase the value of every pension in the UK, by £42 a week.

That's enough to buy a mosquito net for every person living in the developing and the least developed countries –  with hundreds of millions left over for malaria treatment.

Where not stated, figures taken from State of the World's Children 2009 and The World Bank. Numbers have been rounded.