Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 11.57.59If you'd like to radically improve your DM fundraising, make sure you are free on the 10th of September.

Jeff Brooks, blogger at Future Fundraising Now, is running a day-long private seminar where he'll be sharing a host of creative secrets that will help you to radically improve your DM campaigns.

Come along and you'll hear about some rather exciting things…

  • Psychological insights into the hearts and minds of your donors.
  • Who donors are, how they think, what they believe, and what triggers their cynicism.
  • The things we do that annoy donors.
  • How to find the image most likely to move donors to action.
  • The eight indispensable steps to motivating donors to give.
  • How to put branding to work for your fundraising programme.
  • The secrets of effective and motivating story-telling – and the trap that takes the soul out of your stories.
  • The one mistake almost all fundraisers make that decimates their effectiveness.

The cost of the session is just £120, which covers all materials, lunch and other refreshments. You'll also get a copy of Jeff's new book – The Fundraiser's Guide to Irresistible Communications.

That sounds like the biggest bargain in fundraising. Sign-up here.

If you are a junior fundraiser working for a very small organisation that is too short-sighted to pay for a career changing session like this, drop me a line. We've put a small budget aside to pay for people to attend the event. Just tell me in a couple of hundred words why you'd like to come along (humourous entries encouraged). email me at mark (at) bluefroglondon {dot} com. You've got until Wednesday the 5th to get back to me.

Hope to see you there.