I've always thought that we have a great deal to learn from the humble collection box.

Even with something as simple as a container with a hole in the top, testing shows that design, copy, and positioning will have a major influence over how much income will be generated.

But few people have given any real thought to how we can use the collection box to do much else than simply receive small gifts.

That was until Misereor, a German relief agency launched their Mit 2€ Viel Bewegen campaign – which translates to something like getting things moving with 2€.

They developed a box that doesn't just collect donations. It also demonstrates how the gift might be used and gets the donor online as well (through linking to Facebook).

As a means to engage passers-by it's pretty amazing. It was developed by software architect and electronics expert, Alexander Weber, who explains about the project in more detail on his website, Tinkerlog. The work was commissioned by German agency Kolle Rebbe.

It shows what you can achieve when you focus.

With thanks to fellow Bluefrogger, @ipolar for the tip off.