I’m pleased to be able to share Episode Two of ‘Two Ps on a Pod’ with Giles Pegram CBE, where we had an incredible conversation with Sir Peter Wanless of NSPCC. It was a great opportunity to dig deep into the world of fundraising from the unique perspective of a CEO.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone looking for insider tips on engaging your CEO with your fundraising mission or understanding what you need to do when you start running a charity. Did you know Sir Peter dedicates about 40% of his time to fundraising? He’s even sold some of his favourite shirts and abseiled down buildings for the cause!

We cover a range of different topics, including:

  • Where the growth areas are in Individual Giving. And why they are amongst older people.
  • Aligning fundraising strategy with overall charity strategy
  • How to avoiding the pitfalls of ‘shrinking to success’
  • Advice for new fundraisers.

The next episode (number 3) is already recorded. We discuss how fundraisers learn and the dangers of misinformation in the sector, particularly how unproven innovations get promoted to the wider sector. That will be released in about two weeks time.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this hour with Sir Peter. You can choose how you watch or listen. The conversation is on the Why do People Give? podcast:

You can also watch the video on YouTube:

And of course, you can subscribe to both channels and have every new episode delivered straight to your favourite device.

We’ll be back in about two weeks. If you’d like to share your thoughts and ideas for future shows feel free to add a comment here, over on LinkedIn (where most fun seems to happen these days), on YouTube, or via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

Hope you find it useful.