I’ve got something special for you today!

Over the past few years, I’ve recorded several Why Do People Give podcasts with Giles Pegram CBE, which have always been well recieved. We’ve typically discussed specific issues affecting the sector, such as COVID-19 and the cost-of-living crisis, providing insights and recommendations for fundraisers.

However, we both had thoughts about bringing other voices to your attention, both within and outside the sector. So, we’ve created a new podcast that you can either watch on YouTube – the episode is embedded below – or listen to it as part of my Why do People Give? series.

It’s called Two Ps on a Pod, with the first episode launching today. In this episode, we discuss some of the statistics and thoughts from my recent LinkedIn videos and share our plans for the coming months.

You’ll learn more about the £5.5 billion wealth transfer in the UK that will transform fundraising over the next decade, the importance of responding to donors’ needs, reasons why donors lapse, how giving attitudes change with age, and the necessity of integrating appeals over time instead of having everything look the same.

But it’s the next episodes that are particularly exciting as we’ve got some great guests lined up:

  • A CEO of a major UK charity discussing their views on the fundraising function and its integration into the charity’s strategy.
  • A senior regulator offering insights on the future of fundraising and potential considerations for the next government.
  • A branding specialist talking about what charities get right and wrong about branding, and sharing stories about famous UK TV ad campaigns.
  • Donors sharing their giving experiences, ranging from those giving hundreds to millions each year, providing fascinating perspectives on decision making.

That’s just the beginning! In the following months, we plan to speak with people from Supporter Services departments, a patron on two, a head of a significant foundation, a psychologist, market researchers, academics, and a journalist. We’ll also have a few fundraisers coming on to share some background into some significant fundraising campaigns. You’ll find out what worked and what didn’t.

There will also be plenty of episodes where Giles and I discuss current sector happenings and topics that should be of interest. Hopefully everything we share will help you become a more informed fundraiser.

You can watch the first video below, or search for “Why Do People Give?” on your favourite podcast app – the link is here – and listen on your commute, on your run or even to help you drop off to sleep at night.

We are planning to publish new episodes every two weeks moving forward so if you’d like to share thoughts and ideas for future shows, please let us know either here or on YouTube, or email me at [email protected] or Giles at [email protected].