It's Father's Day on Sunday, which finally gives me an excuse to feature this video.

It might not have much to do with fundraising – it was produced by a church from Oklahoma and used as the opening to their Father's Day service in 2010 – but it is still worth watching. If you have a dad or are one yourself, you might just recognise some of the characters in the film.

And that's my point.

Supporting a charity can be seen as a solitary act – someone sitting at a kitchen table, reading an appeal and dropping a cheque into an envelope. But in reality it can be much more than that. Giving offers the chance to join together with a group of like-minded individuals in order to achieve a socially important goal.

If you take advantage of this fact and show prospective donors evidence that other people – just like them – are supporting your work, it can help demonstrate that giving to you is the right thing to do.

The result is improved recruitment and loyalty – or in the case of this video, increased levels of church attendance.

For more on the importance of providing social evidence to your audience, have a look at this piece from Great Biz Tools.

Happy Father's Day