At the end of last month I posted a piece on how charities seemed stuck on broadcast mode when it came to Twitter.

Click through and you'll see I tweeted that I was thinking of giving to a few charities but didn't get much response from those I mentioned.

But I did receive this example of how Wheat Thins (an American cereal product) is responding to the people that tweet about them.

They are probably doing 'slightly' more than needed, but It's not a bad approach to making people feel special (OK, I know it's fake, but you can see what they are up to).

It's not necessarily something that I'd recommend for charities, but keeping an eye on what people are saying about your charity on social media (perhaps using and responding when they raise questions or voice complaints might be a relatively good starting point to making Twitter a more effective medium.

Thanks to Felix for the heads up on the video and @RobmDyson for the recommendation.