Picture 8 The tradition continues with a round up of my favourite things found via Twitter over the last month.

The rules stay the same. Everything has something to do with fundraising and everything is credited to the tweeter who found it.

Here we go…

Every big online statistic you’ll ever need (or at least quite a few of them) via@millbry

A video packed full of information on the growth of social networks.

2010 Budget: There’s good news and bad news for philanthropy via@UKCPhilanthropy

Donors from one EU country will now be able to give tax efficiently to charities based in another. This will be particularly important for high level fundraising.

Advertising is dead, no it isn’t, yes it is via @davetrott

The best advertising isn’t advertising. It is creative people out-thinking non-creative people.

In praise of the transformational fundraising entrepreneur via @kenburnett1

Why the NSPCC’s Giles Pegram should be our role model. I also love the story from Bernard Ross about his brief to create an innovative fundraising product and the response from the client when he presented it.

New generational giving data (US study) via @bernardrossmc

A report on the need to integrate media channels and the continuing importance of mail (even to younger donors) from Convio.

Always split test via @seanpowell

Donor needs in action.

Donors need engagement: Leveraging brand experience to enhance donor identity and involvment via @Care2FrogLoop

Anything that encourages charities to look at brand experience rather than a logo and design guidelines is always very welcome.

Philanthropy analysis in the comics via @tactPhil

The mathematics to doing “good to your fellow man” in comic form.

Government cutbacks could wipe out 25% of charities via @cpreston

The real impact of recession will be seen in government funding cuts after the election. Now is the time to build relationships with donors rather than introduce a re-brand and talk about policies.

Facebook co-founder starts philanthropic social-networking site  via@cpreston

Jumo, created by Chris Hughes, will help people find charities and causes they care about (but how will support be encouraged?).

Fear of Philanthropy (avert your eyes) via @DavidBlenko

Unless people know how much they should give to charity, they might just decide not to give anything at all.

Write a newsletter that donors and members want to read via @jeffbrooks

If your newsletter doesn’t raise as much as your appeals, you are doing something wrong.

Even though I spent half the month away from Twitter, it was still tough to choose just twelve tweets. The information available is just getting better and better.

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