People often ask me about how we do such great work at Bluefrog.

The answer is simple.

Years ago, we bought ourselves an OkiDoki 30007 ideas checker. Every idea that we come up with goes into the hopper (1). Computer science then gives it a score.

Anything that comes out with a 10+ is approved for presentation (2).

The brilliant thing about the OkiDoki 30007 is that it goes up to 11 – well, 10.99 really. It is something to do with the algorithms that live inside it.

Everything else goes into the rubbish (3). Unfortunately recycling isn’t an option.

I should point out the red slot. This is actually a ticket dispenser. This is mainly for trainee creatives. When their concepts get rejected they often claim the machine is wrong and suggest that the idea just needs a little explanation.

The dispenser provides train tickets so the creative team can go and explain their idea to every single donor who gets the pack or sees the ad. The quantity of tickets generated focuses their minds quite brilliantly.

The blue switch is the brand modifier control.  We really don’t like to use this very much as it can seriously reduce income. If an organisation has a new brand that’s going to recruit “a new type of donor” or create “a better understanding of a mission”, we can adjust the machine so it doesn’t reject work as stupid, failing to answer donor needs or because it includes too much unnecessary information at the expense of what the donor really wants to see.

We are about to upgrade to the OkiDoki 30008. So if anyone wants the trusty old 07, just drop me a line.

Picture 1