3251925948_d763b5085d_o The January round up seemed to go down very well, so the tradition continues with my twelve favourite things found on Twitter in February.

The same rules apply as before. Everything has something to do with fundraising and everything is credited to the tweeter who found it. If there's no credit, it's one of mine.

Eyes down…

'Mad Libs' style form increases conversion 25 to 40% via @rydesign

A great piece looking at how online sign-up can be improved with more personal and engaging forms.

Successful Fundraising – Not for the Thin Skinned via @PamelaGrow

A useful reminder about putting complaints into context and avoiding the knee-jerk reaction.

Email Newsletter Usability via @Delicious50

The executive summary of a Nielsen study into eNewsletter usability. Identifies an emotional connection that websites lack. Looks at subscribing, unsubscribing, Inbox issues and the importance of making scanning easy.

Keeping Control on One Wild Ride via @CharityTimes

The recession hasn't been that bad after all.

Donor Centred is Just Jargon via @KimberleyCanada

Thoughts from a range of fundraisers on what being donor centred actually means.

Study of High Value Donors (PDF)

Bank of America / Indiana University study into why high value donors give, why they stop and how they need to be treated in order to give more.

The Customers Always Write via @AlineReed

Two articles on SOFII (registration required) written by George Smith that look at what can happen when people who don't understand how to communicate get involved in writing copy.

Great selection of Fundraising Case Studies via @SeanPowell

Includes eMarketing, social networking and text benchmarking studies along with reviews of a number of issue specific campaigns.

Promoting the Joy of Giving: A Fundraising Revolution via @frdetective

Thoughts on creating a new model of fundraising.

The Irresistible Urge to Rebrand

Why do so many charities review their brands?

Research on Christmas DM Fundraising Activity

Statistical research looking at what lies behind the boost in Christmas giving (the number of people giving increases by 5% – average gift stays the same).

When nonprofits deny their mission via @JeffBrooks

Just because your charity undertakes work outside your core mission, you don't need to weaken your fundraising proposition.

It was a tough month to whittle things down to just twelve tweets. I probably could have done twenty quite easily. if you'd like to see some of the other ideas that almost made it, check out my twitterstream.

If you have seen (or posted) a great tweet this month, please add it as a comment.

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