Times are tough for fundraisers.

Faced with the highly critical climate we are currently living through, it can be all too easy to forget that our profession is responsible for some of the most important work undertaken anywhere in the world today.

Fundraisers don’t just raise money.

Fundraisers raise money for a purpose.

Fundraisers raise money to fight disease, stop cruelty, stamp out abuse, tackle poverty, confront injustice and protect what society holds most dear.

And though there are some fundraising practices and approaches that should be reviewed and must be changed, the need for charities – and fundraisers to power their work – is beyond question.

That is why Bluefrog was happy to design and produce Ian MacQuillan’s fundraising manifesto.

Based on Beatrice Warde’s famous This is a printing office manifesto, it serves to remind anyone who visits a fundraising office just how vital fundraisers are to the work of charities everywhere.

Please join with hundreds of other fundraisers around the world and download a copy and display it in your fundraising department.

And if you blog, tweet, have a facebook, pinterest or instagram page, why not share it?

When someone visits your fundraising office they should know exactly where they stand.