Here's a great video produced for Red Nose Day in New Zealand.

There is no real reason to share it other than it features Flight of the Conchords and, as a result, is rather amusing.

But perhaps that should be reason enough.

Outrage or pity can generate huge sums of money. But when it comes to creating loyalty, entertainment really needs to be considered – and I don't mean we need to make people laugh.

Great entertainment of any genre – comedy, pathos, thriller or horror – generates a sense of gratification in the viewer.

It's the same with great fundraising. But in the case of a donor, gratification comes from knowing that they have achieved something important. That they have made a difference.

So rather than focus on what your charity is going to do with a gift, think about what your donor needs in order to feel good about handing it over.

What people feel inside makes a difference.

With thanks to @BruceBrendon for the heads up.