Ok, that's probably an overstatement, but the robot fundraiser has finally hit the streets.

Called Don-8r, the robot relies on donations to keep it powered. During testing on the streets of Dundee, it collected £25.86 over nine hours (mainly from one and two pence pieces).

Anyone familiar with collection box fundraising will notice a flaw in the design – it's small enough to be picked up and stolen – so it currently collects with a minder in tow. But I'm sure it's creator, Tim Pryde, will tackle this problem soon.

As you'll read on Tim's blog, one way he's improved the design is by making the Robot stand out more. Flashing lights, waving flags, buzzers and bright electrical tape have all helped to increase income.

In that respect it's just like any other collection box. The more visible it is, the more it raises. You can read about other interesting collection box experiments here.

Thanks to @brucebrendon for the heads up.