I’ve just been looking through nfpSynergy’s March 2010 Charity Awareness Monitor survey.

It has a fairly large chunk of information on people’s attitudes to fundraising.

In short, they tend to find it annoying. They single out telephone and door-to-door techniques as being particularly offensive but don’t have a very high regard for direct mail either.

But what really gets up their noses is re-branding. When asked whether it was worthwhile, a massive 66% of those surveyed thought it a waste of money.

There is only one thing I know for sure about fundraising – the more people enjoy giving, the more they give.

Perhaps if fundraisers changed their focus, we’d be more successful?

Awareness for it’s own sake, as Laurie Pringle points out in this must read post, seems pretty pointless.

In terms of next steps, I like what the Fundraising Detective has to say. If you haven’t read his blog recently, take a look at this post.

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