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Apart from the posts on here, I also share loads of other useful and interesting things on Twitter. If you haven't yet signed up, perhaps because you think it's a load of rubbish, can I ask you to read this and think again.

To show you what you've missed, this is just a selection of some of the things I've posted or found on Twitter this month.

I've indicated which twitterer highlighted the information. If there's no credit, it's one of mine.

This is January's haul:

Haiti and the Pychology of Charity via @sldoolittle

The impact of leaving an opt-out flyer before making a door-to-door request for a donation.

Half-way Branding Does More Harm Than Good via @jeffbrooks

What your charity does is your brand. The design you choose is just a small part of the real package.

2007-08 UK Citizenship Survey: Volunteering and Charitible Giving Topic Report

UK government survey into volunteering and charitible giving. Looks at who gives and volunteers to which organisations and what they do, breaking down differences by gender, age, ethnicity, income and other variables.

Who Should I Give To? via @AlineReed

Thoughts on how choice in fundraising can effect response.

Imagination v Reality via @davetrott

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Charitable Giving for Overseas Development: UK Trends Over a Quarter of a Century

Detailed analysis into the changes that have impacted on giving to development charities over the last 25 years. Which charities have grown fastest, what events influenced giving, how does giving to overseas development compare to changes in support for other causes and more?

Preliminary Figures on 2009 Online Giving via @TinaFCC

Data from Network For Good, showing what's happened with online giving in 2009. Charities fared better than expected. Average donation amount down. Number of gifts up.

Dear Aunt Violet… via @AmandaSanter

Thoughts and advice on how to thank donors effectively.

How to Build Your Own iPhone App

A really cheap way to have your own iPhone app up and running in minutes.

Which Brands are Most Engaged in Social Media

What companies are doing on the web with social media.

Blackbaud Online Giving Report via @SMacLaughlin

Analysis of giving to 2,000 charities shows an increase in online giving of 46%.

Beyond Comprehension: We Know that Genocide and Famine are Greater Tradgedies than a Lost Dog. At Least We Think We Do via @jeffbrooks

Why we should focus on what a donor can do – not what they can't.

Feel free to add your own suggestions as a comment. The thing that always frustrates me about Twitter is what I might be missing when I'm not on!

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