If you are looking to compare the performance of your email campaigns in terms of open, click through and delivery rates, Marketing Online has a regularly updated set of benchmarking studies.

As well as global and US surveys, it also includes reports on UK campaigns and specific studies based on the differences between the various public service providers – Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL.

Loads of statistics and charts are available. This is just one that shows the rather poor click to open rates of current charity emails in the UK…

Picture 20
You can find details of another charity specific (US) study here.

I'd also recommend that you take a look at this recent presentation from Bryan Miller and Jonathan Waddingham which also contains some great up to date statistics from Cancer Research UK and JustGiving (including some interesting data on the increasing importance of Facebook).

Finally, some in-depth and up to date benchmarking figures on e-campaigning highlighted by Rachel Collinson. There's an emphasis on UK and Canadian organisations, but internationals are included as well. The link will take you to a presentation and PDF reports – great reading.