Since my post on the £1 pack a few weeks back, I've received a couple of examples of how other charities are using it (thanks very much to those readers that sent them in). One of the most interesting of which has recently been mailed by the RSPCA.

They have taken a slightly different angle. They have enclosed two donation devices. One is a traditional £2 a month direct debit form and the other is a coin carrier that can hold two £1 coins. 

Interestingly, this pack has been running for a number of years. I've looked in the special Bluefrog bag of old appeals and I've found one dated 2006 and another dated 2007.

The pack has obviously been created for an older audience (with a strong female bias). They enclose three free commemorative postcards, the font is very large and the central theme is the RSPCA's unchanging service to animals in a changing world.

At Bluefrog, we've achieved great success with this concept with younger audiences. I know from experience that it will also work with older ones, but their conversion rate to DD isn't as good.

It strikes me that the £2 a month is still the primary goal. The £2 coin drop ask is likely to be a cash sweep to help improve ROI and then lead in to a follow-up approach. 

I haven't supported the RSPCA since I was a child, but this has intrigued me. So I'm investing a couple of quid to see what happens next. Who knows, I could become converted to a committed giver.

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