Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

October 7 2013 - Mark Phillips

Back in 2011, former Pixar artist, Emma Coats tweeted a series of rules for great storytelling that she’d picked up from her colleagues.

Dinolgnacio has now painstakingly superimposed all 22 over images from Pixar’s films as a means to remember them.

They aren’t all directly related to fundraising, but they make an important point –  great storytelling is about getting an audience to root for your hero.

Anyone can put together a few mailing packs or a film that features what a charity is doing. But to be successful, we need to get people to read or watch and, above all, care about what happens.

If donors don’t buy into our stories – no matter what medium we use – we aren’t going to be successful.

Hopefully these tips might help.

  • Jim McDonnell

    That’s great, but since the Mouse got involved, seems like Pixar doesn’t or can’t follow its own precepts… Sad. I really, really hope Pixar come back to form over the coming years.