Innovation is great. But why waste time trying to create something that already exists?

That's why I encourage the Bluefrog creatives to spend time with their noses in dusty old tomes finding about what our fundraising grandparents where up to. Time spent in research makes brainstorming the next big thing far more effective.

As part of an exercise in sharing some of the information he uncovered, Tom, one of our Art Directors stayed firmly in the character of the Mad Men and created Don Draper's guide to don forms.

Not only did it make me smile, It's also very useful. You'll see it's packed full of great ideas on how to increase your income by improving your donation form. If the copy is a little too small for you, you'll find his original version on the Bluefrog Creative blog. Take a look, and you can increase it in size until your heart is content.

You'll probably notice that it only features the front of the form. There are a few things that you should do with the reverse as well. But that's another post.

Picture 9