Back in the early days of the recession, the Prostate Cancer Charity shared some very important information on their copy testing programme with the sector about the impact of talking about the economic downturn in appeals.

Now you have an opportunity to say thank you and help the men in your life as well (and if you are a man that obviously includes you).

The Prostate Cancer Charity has just entered the Up Everyones Street London Creative Challenge with their Must Dash campaign.Picture 1

The winning entry will get free advertising on 100 London buses. That's a huge number of opportunities for men in London to find out one of the main symptoms of prostate cancer – the urge to frequently have a pee.

The sooner men go for a check up, the more likelihood there is of any cancer being discovered and successfully treated. By voting for this campaign, you could, literally,  be saving someone's life.

Please vote today and every day up until the 15th of June. 

Click here to vote and start saving lives.

And if you could ask any of your friends, colleagues, family, neighbors, fellow bloggers to vote and share this message there are many prostates that will be thanking you.

And if you have any worries yourself, click here or call 0800 074 8383 to find out more about the full symptoms of prostate cancer and what you should do if you are concerned.