There are a fair few blogs around with a focus on fundraising and a big chunk of other ones  that look at management issues. But I haven't seen too many that look at management from a charity perspective.

We work in a very special industry. One where people are treated like people rather than staff members who are simply cogs in a machine. And I know from personal experience that sometimes this approach can be exploited. 

As managers, we give people the benefit of the doubt, think of how we can help rather than start investigations, and rarely even consider what less than honourable motivations could be driving someone's actions.

Bluefrogger, Matt Parkes has created a site that addresses this particular concern and other wider management issues (with a generous nod to fundraising) in his blog, parkeslife.

It's a great chance to share the thoughts of someone who has worked at a senior level in some very large UK charities – NSPCC, ChildLine, CAFOD. You never know what you are going to find when you visit, but you do know it will be useful.