GRAACC is a Brazilian hospital that offers free treatment for children with cancer.

Over the last few years they have used a number of innovative approaches to raising funds. in 2011, they undertook the great banner sale.

Rather than simply ask people for money, they asked companies to donate banner space on their web sites. Instead of using them to promote the hospital, they sold the spots to other companies and individuals.

It seemed to work quite well.

When compared to their 2010 campaign, the number of donors jumped by over 2,500% and the value of their gifts increased by 260%.

You can learn more on this video…


And if you're interested in GRAACC's campaign for 2010, that was rather different too. They asked people to donate their whole website to the charity. Another idea that doesn't seem to have performed that badly, generating over 185,000 hits in just one day and increasing the number of supporters by 220%. Details of this are included in this video…


Thanks to @HayesThompson for the heads up.