There's a great post on Jonathan Waddingham's (from Just Giving) blog.

He noticed that Stephen Fry had RT'd (that means shared a link) to Mel Cupper's, Big Issue fundraising page on his Twitter account, saying…

"He just needs a tiny-winy bit more cash and he's there…

You are probably thinking that there's not much interesting about that. You'd be right. But Jonathan has looked at the impact of that tweet in terms of views and money. You can find out the whole story on Jonathan's blog, but in short this is what happened:
  • On Sunday the 12th, the page was seen by two people
  • On Monday, Stephen tweeted the site to his 651,945 followers (some of whom RT'd the tweet to their own followers)
  • 13,979 subsequently visited Mel's page (that's 2.1%)
  • They came from over 30 different countries
  • They spent an average of 4 minutes and 18 seconds there
  • The bounce rate (people who had a quick look and left) was 95%
  • 39 people gave a donation (that's 0.006% of the original audience and 0.3% of those who came to the page)
  • They gave a total of £470 (with an average donation of £12)
Another quick calculation shows that a good planning rate for estimating the income for an unconnected single tweet from a celebrity is (all thing being equal) about 72 pence /1000 followers.

For another example of twitter based, celebrity fundraising, check out this post.

For all the background detail and more analysis from Jonathan, click here.