Free consultancy for a little of your help

April 10 2016 - Mark Phillips

First off, an apology. I'm asking you for your help. I totally understand that you read my blog for advice on fundraising and if that's all you are after, you can stop reading here and look forward to a couple of new posts on mid-value fundraising that I'm lining up to publish over the next couple of weeks OR…

…you could help me by sponsoring me for a 100 mile cycle ride for a friend of mine called Anna.

The short story is that Anna has a form of cancer that needs a specialised form of treatment that isn't available in the UK. Her family and friends have rallied around and raised over £62,000 to cover her medical and travel expenses but it isn't enough. There are more details on the link below.

So next Sunday, I'll be up early, cycling from Huntingdon, through the country lanes of East Anglia before ending up in deepest darkest north Norfolk.

But it will all be pointless if nobody sponsors me. So if you have ever raised a few more pounds, euros or dollars because of the information and advice I've shared with you, here's a chance to say thank you with a small gift to help someone who really could do with your help.

There are well over a thousand people who subscribe to this blog through various means so I'm hoping 10% of you will give a few bob to help me hit my own personal target.

What's more, I'm also willing to offer a days free consultancy* that will go to one fundraiser (personally or to your charity) where I'll come in and advise you, run a workshop or present to you, your colleagues or even at a conference in appreciation for you helping me out. Or if you'd prefer, you can come and spend a day at Bluefrog towers and I'll work with you on whatever you want.

Thanks for reading and thanks very much if you decide to click on the link below and sponsor me for a few quid. You are the best!

YES, I'll sponsor you Mark!

That's it. Back to normal service from now on.

*I'll run a prize draw sort of thing so make sure you write your name (or twitter user name) when you sponsor me and I'll get in touch at some point shortly after the ride. Sadly this can only be offered to people living, or organisations operating, in the UK, Ireland or near to Toronto, Canada (as they are the only places that I'm due to be in over the next few months) and there will have to be some give and take regarding dates as it will need to fit in with my work schedule.

PS. I'll be on a proper bike on the day. The one in the photo is my son's. I'm using it for training whilst mine is being serviced for the ride itself.